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Friday, October 03, 2008

Education for All

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The World Bank’s one of the seven millennium goals “education for all” has been a slogan of Indian bureaucrats for years, unfortunately with far lesser ramifications to celebrate. India’s very strength, 300 million plus young population can simply turn into the explosive weakness if they are kept deprived of modern education and skill enhancements.

India has over 388 degree granting universities, it comprised of 221 State Universities, 24 Central Universities, 11 Private Universities, 114 Institutions Deemed to be Universities, 13 Institutions of National Importance and 5 Institutions established under State legislations. Unfortunately they are capable to provide mere 50% seats of the total applied for a degree. It may meet the gap if India increases the number to 750 state and central universities with 100% capacity utilisation in the next few years. Though as per the All India Council for Technical education the number of recognised engineering colleges touches 1617 by the end of 2007, over 60% of them are concentrated in just five states Tamil Nadu (286), Maharashtra (181), Karnataka (134) and Uttar Pradesh (125). This is not enough as developing countries like china are producing more engineers or IT professionals than India. Thus another 750 autonomous engineering colleges with equal concentration in each state may help to meet the gap. Moreover, 75 IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), 75 IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology) and 75 NITs (National Institute of Technology) should be started across India. Number of medical colleges in India is only 271 where 255 are recognised and the number of seats remains as low as 30,000. The country is in short of 600,000 doctors. Thus another 75 new medical colleges on the lines of AIIMS have become imperative. Number of seats for PG courses is just 11,005 which forces pass-outs to choose foreign destinations permanently.

However, mere seat increase and expansions of existing renowned colleges might not be the only solution. Proper performance based incentives for faculties to reduce their attrition rate, perfect utilisation of existing space for it is, IIMs, IITs are important.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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